Snowbird Report – Bill & Pat Koss


Bill and Pat Koss, like many of our Arbutus RV family, head South for the winters. Bill keeps all of us here at home regularly envious with his vivid reports of their experiences. We’ll be sharing some of his posts with you here. Happy reading/dreaming!

Dec 24, 2013Koss Christmas Arizona 2013

Pat is busy baking bread and a pumpkin pie for tomorrow and I am off to town this morning to pick up a few last minute items for Christmas.

Dec 25, 2013

Merry Christmas all! It dawned bright and cloudless again this morning….Clancy played a few Christmas tunes on the keyboard at happy hour. Hearing “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” out in the desert gives a whole new slant to the season. A young fellow from just across the road stopped by to borrow some ice and complimented us on our singing from the previous evening, we took it as shameless pandering as he was there to borrow ice. Another fellow from down the road heard the music and dropped by with his guitar a joined in for an hour or so. Later we sat down to a wonderful dinner and afterwards had another sing along around the campfire. A very different but enjoyable Christmas, hope everyone had a great day also.

Dec 27, 2013

At last a bit of high overcast to shield us from the suns merciless rays. We awoke to high overcast and cooler temps this morning….After supper we sat out around the campfire…Just about the time we were ready to call it a night a van pulled in across the road and soon a couple of folks walked up to our fire.
It was a father and son, the dad was from Germany and had a British accent, the son about 12 or so, told us he was of German/ French decent but a Canadian citizen. When I asked him how long he had lived in Canada he said only a month or so. His dad had worked a long time in BC but was now living in Germany and had brought his son over to spend some time with his mother who lived in Lake Havasu. Still not sure if I have the story straight but interesting folks anyhow.

Dec 28, 2013

The wind came up last night and we did not get a lot of sleep as a result. It blew hard enough to rock the trailer and keep us awake. This morning the wind still was gusting and swirling around camp. Pat and I went Parker and did laundry and grocery shopping, arriving home just in time for happy hour, again. When we got back we found that a big gust of wind had blown our oven off the picnic table and knocked most of the new out of it.

Dec 30, 2013

We had lunch and then hooked up and headed into town. We pulled into the state park in Lake Havasu and got ourselves set up for the day. The holding tanks got a good flushing and we filled all of our water tanks. With the reserve tank in the back of the truck and the two five gallon tanks for town water we can carry 100 gallons, so can sit for quite a while out in the desert…Going down to Quartzite tomorrow and will set up in the BLM for two or three days then head down to Imperial Dam near Yuma. And yes if you were wondering we are still suffering under the merciless sun.


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