RV Finance Expert – Park Model Freedom


by Xentura Tresenfeld, Nanaimo Location Business ManagerXentura Tresenfeld Arbutus RV Nanaimo


Wow! What changes I have seen in the past 27yrs in housing. Many of us listened to our parents tell us never buy anything that you can’t pay cash for, and watched them open that line of credit just in case they are short, to maintain that large home.

Housing prices are crazy, and when it is time for us to retire there isn’t a secret fortune that is delivered just in time for our retirement years. Alright, let us take a serious look at something that many people are slowly starting to see. Let’s say we sell our home or condo and make a profit of $300,000. As a couple, you will have approximately $4000 a month with pensions and savings or, in some cases, less. Do we really need that large house anymore? Or .should we consider investing in our future instead?

No one wants the stress of trying to make ends meet, retirement should represent relaxation! You could purchase a park model in a site that has storage, and maybe RV parking. The only monthly expense you would have is your pad rental, and maybe partial financing of the park model. The total that you would be putting out per month is minimal. We might want to preserve our savings and pensions, and choose to finance part of the park model, or all of it. If we were to finance it all O.A.C, with zero down, an example of $400 bi-weekly payment could be possible. If you were to total your payments with the pad rent your monthly outlay would still be lower than the average home rental or mortgage payment.

Create some freedom for yourself! You can travel with peace of mind knowing your home is in a safe park, with a well-maintained yard. The main thing is that you have downsized, your costs are reduced, you’re enjoying lower maintenance, and you are not living on less just to look after more.

We’d be happy to discuss how you can Discover Your Freedom in Park Model living. Drop in and see us any time! Contact any of our 5 RV Finance Experts at Arbutus RV.


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