RV Parts Expert – RV Toilet Paper


You’ve just become the proud owner of an RV. Congratulations! It’s an exciting and, sometimes confusing, time. There is a lot of information to take in when doing your walk-through and one piece of advice may have slipped right past you or, made you ask yourself – why?

Experienced RV’ers know the perils of using ordinary (read: soft and thick) toilet paper in their units. Blocked black tanks at dumping time. Yep, not pretty.

The solution to avoiding a clogged black tank is RV toilet paper. Really? Yes. It’s true! There is special toilet paper for RVs. What makes it “special”? Well, mainly it is its ability to dissolve, easily and completely, in a short time. That allows for a clean flow when dumping those black tanks.

Keep things moving in those black tanks!

Keep things moving in those black tanks!

If you’re someone who likes to see it to believe it, try this. Take two glasses of water and put a sheet or two of your regular Charmin in one, and a couple of sheets of RV TP in the other. Give it a couple of minutes and swirl each around to see if it dissolves. Now, picture that Charmin sitting, clumping, blocking, in your black tank.

Don’t take a chance. Use RV Toilet Paper. You won’t regret it!

There are different brands of RV Toilet paper available at your nearest RV Parts Department. Find your nearest Arbutus RV Parts Department HERE.


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