“The Service is Second to None”


To Larry Epp – Sales Consultant (Arbutus RV Courtenay Location)

Don and I want to thank you and all the staff at Arbutus for helping get us “On the Road Again”.

Our Truck& Fifth Wheel wasn’t working out for us; we had been shopping around for a Van or Class C Motorhome that would fit into our price range for some time but nothing seemed to fit our price range or just didn’t appeal to us. We were down at Arbutus a number of times checking to see if new inventory had come in. Larry was always there for us listening to our wants and needs, we never felt as if we were put under pressure, he always took time for us. In late September when we thought that we would never find what we were looking for we drove into Arbutus and there was exactly what we were looking for, we could hardly believe it. The size and style is what we wanted, we had to make a decision and needed to think about it. After giving it some thought we decided to see what Larry could do for us. Need I say more?

Larry’s salesmanship is outstanding. He is professional; courteous and friendly, he listens to what you have to say and does whatever he has to do to make sure that you are happy with the deal. Thanks Larry.

Sheryl in financing was very understanding and patient with us. She explained things to us several times, over and over again and still smiled. She suggested the ‘Extended Warranty’ for worry free RVing. Yes! That is exactly what I wanted, “Peace of Mind” and worry free RVing, now I just had to convince my husband. I don’t always get what I want but before we left Sheryl’s office I had “Peace of Mind” for three years. Thanks Sheryl.

Doug and his staff in service went above and beyond to make us happy, we had a list of things that we wanted done, some of the stuff might have seemed trivial but when one is limited as to what they can do even the small things are huge. Everything on the list and more was done to perfection. Doug was very patient and understanding; he listened to all our concerns and dealt with each and every one of them, very professionally, courteously and friendly.

Medis, you did an awesome job, with all the things we wanted done. The work you did was meticulously very neat and tidy. You also went that extra mile for us. Thanks.

Mike took us through our unit on delivery day and explained the operation of everything inside and outside. And I thought that I knew it all. Thanks Mike.

Thank You all for making a ‘Dream Come True’, Don and I are looking forward to many years of camping.

Don & Adeline Lippert

You can find Larry, and all the rest of the Arbutus RV Team, HERE.


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