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11 Things That Every RV Owner Should Absolutely Have in Their Rigs

Shared by Thor Motorcoach on January 07, 2016

So, what must RV owners absolutely have in their rigs?

  1. Food is one of the key priorities. RV owners who are experienced or aspiring chefs want a grilling unit that facilitates their gastronomic expectations. Those who have limited space for a grill can do nicely with a portable meat smoker that grills, bakes, smokes, roasts, boils and fries.
  2. To cool off on the dog days of summer traveling in their RVs, owners swear by frozen drink makers, some of which can deliver up to 80 drinks on a single charge. You have a choice of both corded and cordless


    portable frozen drink machines. If you’re working with restricted space, a micro-blender can handle a number of kitchen tasks, from blending sauces to making brunch smoothies.

  3. Another great addition is the cast iron cookware that you can use on the stove, over the camp fire, and in the oven.
  4. RV owners who cannot do without their coffee fix have a good choice of portable coffee makers.
  5. A mini solar device charger helps in keeping your gadgets charged with solar power.
  6. Smartphones and tablets apart, a standalone RV GPS can find routes based on your vehicle’s height and weight restrictions.
  7. A walkie-talkie can serve multiple purposes, from enabling you to communicate with family and friends in crowded areas to assisting with parking.
  8. One of the most overlooked utility items in an RV is a folding step stool. It is really handy for that extra reach in getting to the high cabinets. Step Stool
  9. A hand crank weather radio, which doubles as a smart phone charger — this will alert you to rough weather so you can take necessary action. As it is not battery dependent, you can charge your devices quickly.
  10. Tire pressure sensors (if you don’t already have them) can be installed as an add-on tire pressure monitoring system to reduce risk of blowouts on highways
  11. A tankless air compressor is a useful tool to winterize your RV’s water system

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