4 Ways to Make Any Dish RV Safe


Our good friends at Thor Motor Coach (thormotorcoach.com) shared the following tips to enhance your RV dining experience!

One of the concerns that frequent RVers have is with respect to their dishes and cutlery. Many are not okay chugging their drinks from plastic cups and eating their meals off paper plates every day. The experience of dining on proper ceramic and glassware with your loved ones aboard an RV or at a resting spot is really something else. But carrying your cutlery along poses two main problems: rattles and slips. Here are some solutions you may consider.A002_C045_10170E

  1. Use silicone coating to create a non-slip surface for your dishes
    Silicone is an excellent option if you’re traveling with ceramic cups, bowls, plates and jars. It is also handy for vases, soap and lotion dispensers and other items you may carry along in your motorhome. Buy a few tubes of 100% food grade silicone; this is the food safe product that does not have any effect upon coming in contact with food, and is the same one used to design bakeware. Another option is all-purpose sealant, also safe, but not recommended for water containers and other dishes where there is a possibility of long-term contact with a consumable liquid or solid.
  2. Museum putty for expensive cutlery trays, porcelain and antiques
    Museum putty is a neutral rubber generally used by museum professionals to secure collectibles and antiques, preventing them from falling and breaking. You can use it to hold your expensive dishes and décor items in place. Museum putty works best for opaque (not clear) items, and can be easily removed and reused. A third option to prevent fragile items from moving around or falling is to add a few paper towels between cups and plates. If you have glassware, the paper towels can prevent scratches and nicks.
  3. Have a mix of disposable aluminum pans and metal cutlery
    When you’re treating many people to dinner at an RV campground, disposable aluminum foil pans and plates are more practical and they also look fancier than the boring old paper plates. Disposable aluminum foil plates are also cheap and recyclable. However, keep in mind that you can’t stick an aluminum foil pan in the microwave.
  4. A test tube spice rackTest Tube spice rack
    Spice jars tend to roll around in the drawer. If the drawer isn’t deep enough, you won’t be able to store two jars on top of one another to save space and hold them tight. A test tube spice rack is a space-efficient solution with anywhere from 10 to 40 tubes to hold lots of different spices. If you have a deep drawer, you can keep the spice rack here, instead of the countertop.

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