Who wants to go Spring Camping?


Our good Tech friends, Tim ‘n Al, got together over the week-end and had a good chat about Spring Camping. Want to listen in?…..

AL: Hey there, Tim, I’m thinking I love the longer days. Longer days always get me thinking RV thoughts.

TIM: Well Al, every year around this time we usually talk about De-Winterizing our Rv’s or Spring Checkups; this year let’s talk about Spring Camping.

AL: Good idea Tim, I love Spring Camping.

TIM: Yeah, me too, but I think a lot of people wait until summer is in full swing before packing up and heading out.

photo courtesy of: Hello BC

photo courtesy of: Hello BC

AL: Those people are really missing out on some of the best camping of the year. I know it can still be a little cool sometimes in the spring but with an RV, who cares?

TIM: I don’t ever remember a fire ban in the spring so this is a great time to bust out those campfire cooking techniques.

AL: And there are so many great campfire cooking tools to choose from these days, waffle makers, grill cheese sandwiches, sausage rolls, S’more makers, this list goes on and on.

TIM: Looks like you may have sampled a few to many of those yourself.

AL: Something else we should point out is that due to generally cooler temperatures, campers are inclined to close up there RV’s tight and crank up the heat, this is not the best thing to do.

TIM: Because of the relatively small area inside an RV, moisture accumulation shows up quickly on windows and window frames, if it is not able to dry out it will create mildew, mold and in extreme cases even rot.

AL: The best thing is to leave a couple of roof vents open at least an inch, even when the furnace is running, this will allow the warm damp air to escape out the vent thus drying the interior of the RV.

TIM: When you no longer have fogged up windows or moisture on the insides of the windows or window frames, you can start to close up the vents a bit to make heating easier.

TIM: What does that do?

AL: The upside down container helps to hold in the heat for even cooking, and even better, it traps a lot of the campfire smoke giving the meat a nice smoked flavour. My favourite smoking wood is alder and it grows everywhere here on Vancouver Island so this is something everyone who likes smoked meat should try.

TIM: Well that’s all the time for today folks.

TIM and AL: Go Camping!

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