We’re going on a Road Trip…it’s going to be a long one…


A cross-country or cross-Island long-haul trip can be a great idea for a vacation with your friends and family. Here is some advice from seasoned RV campers, so you can have a smooth trip.

Advice from our friends at ThorMotorcoach.com

Many of us will be RVing very close to home this season but, for those of you considering a longer trip, whether on- or off-Island, here are some things to keep in mind.

How long should you drive at a stretch?

Do not drive for more than 8-10 hours each day. Make sure you take a short break once every 2 hours on your trip. Of course, if you have multiple people taking turns to get behind the wheel, it should be easier. If you have just one driver on board, make sure you make a good number of pit-stops on the way, so the driver doesn’t get
fatigued. It’s also a good idea to already have an idea of what stops you will be making on your trip before you set out. It could be anything from a must-see attraction to a restaurant that samples some of the best local cuisine.

Arbutus RV Thor Road Trip Cathedral Grove

Great Rest Stop – Cathedral Grove BC

What weather cues should you be watching out for?

Be sure you check the predicted weather conditions while traveling. You want blue skies and sunshine on your trip, but you never know what is in store. A heavy downpour will affect visibility while driving, and may require you to take a break. Watch out for the winds as well; crosswinds in excess of 30 MPH have the potential to cause damage to your RV (slide-out and awnings). If you notice lightening, immediately step indoors- whether it is the vehicle or a building. In fact, you should do this when you hear any signs of thunder, regardless of whether or not it is accompanied by rain. Make sure you do not touch any exposed piece of metal. Lightning strikes also lead to wildfires many a times. If you have parked your RV in a place that is vulnerable to wildfires, evacuate at the earliest.

Check the weather forecast !

Check the weather forecast !

Where should you stop for the night?

You want to book reservations for your stay well in advance. You’d be surprised how quickly reservations run out during the holiday season. Whether you plan on staying in a hotel, private RV park or camping grounds, be sure to book months in advance just to be on the safer side. Give the staff a call about a week before you trip to confirm that your reservations are still in order. If you’re not staying in an RV park, then make sure the place has room to park your RV.

This might not be your dream destination so, book ahead.

This might not be your dream destination so, book ahead.

Which route should you take?

A road trip in a car is going to be different from one in an RV. Don’t just blindly take the same route that you usually take on your car with your RV. You want to watch out for routes that have low-clearance underpasses, tunnels or bridges, so your RV can go through without any trouble. An RV road trip is about the journey and getting caught in high-traffic roads is the last thing that you want. If you can, try passing on the freeways and highways, take the lesser taken roads instead. It brings in a sense of adventure – you can appreciate the scenic route and have the road to yourself!

Arbutus RV Road Trip Backroad Mapbook


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