Protection is Power!


Congratulations on the purchase of your new RV, whether it is brand new or gently pre-enjoyed. To you it is new. New, nice and ready to go enjoy the beautiful outdoors and make family memories that will be cherished forever.Anita earthy, port alberni arbutus rv finance office manager

You’ve researched and researched some more. You know the options, its capability, its floorplan works for you, and so you are now in the last stages of paperwork to take it home. You are already wowed by the affordability, and customization of your payment. You will be asked if you would like to consider Protection Insurance when you apply for the Preferred Dealer Financing (O.A.C.). 

You insure your home, you insure your car, you probably even have life insurance, but then there is the new RV which is also an investment. Why would you not protect this investment as well?

Loan Protection Insurance protects your investment, you and your family, and your credit rating. Coverage makes your liability an asset. If an illness or accident happens your whole life could change in a second. If any of the unexpected happens to you can you a afford to keep your new RV or will you have to sell it? A small amount in your monthly payment will allow you to not have to worry about making that decision. Cost of the coverage is the same for all occupations and ages. No medical required.

Those of you who think ‘It will never happen to me”, should take a quick look at those you know. Disability, illness and death are conversations not to be ignored. 1 in 3 people will get cancer in their lifetime; accidents are the leading cause of death for Canadians 45 years of age and under, and so on. Just listen to the news and go online. The statistics speak for themselves.

We are HERE to help answer any and all of your questions.. Our customers RV to help build family memories, and with that more and more people are protecting that “Family” with a affordable Protection Insurance. Let us show you how a affordable the Power of Protection really is.

Protection is planning ahead.

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