Port Alberni Service makes another Customer For Life!


From: Shawn Lawson (Arbutusrv.ca)
Sent: July 25, 2016 3:22 PM
To: ‘Ron Clayton (Arbutus RV Service Manager)’; ‘Gerry Breckon (Arbutus RV Corporate General Manager)’
Subject: Glen

Hey Ron.

Just got off the phone with Glen, the gentlemen who you and Martin looked after when he had a propane problem in his Cougar 5th wheel over the weekend.

Glen called to pass on to me just how impressed he was, with the “unbelievable” service he received from the shop and in particular you and Martin.

Glen, who has spent some time behind the counter in the auto-service industry knows just how difficult the job of the service manager and tech can be and how you guys often take a lot of “heat”. Glen couldn’t say enough about just how great you guys were.

You have made a customer for life here guys!!! Great Job!!!

Shawn Lawson
Port Alberni Branch Mgr.
Arbutus RV & Marine Sale Ltd.


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