Difficult Weld & Outstanding Service at Nanaimo Arbutus RV!


From: Tim K
Sent: September 21, 2016 12:30 PM
To: Craig Little
Subject: ‘Thank you’ from a customer

Mr. Little;

I felt compelled to email you to tell you about the outstanding service I received at Arbutus RV near the Nanaimo airport. My wife and I travelled to the Island on August 14th to visit friends near Saltair. We were driving a dark blue GMC Sierra and were pulling a 28 foot Chaparral holiday trailer. Just as we neared Saltair, one of the rear brackets that hold the springs to the frame, snapped. The next morning, I phoned Arbutus and spoke to Mr. Al Mark. He initially indicated that the business was booked for repairs for several weeks, but when he learned that I was a tourist who had to be on the Ferry the following week, he said without hesitation, to bring it right in. As soon as I arrived at Arbutus and met Mr. Mark, his team went to work looking at my trailer. Not only did I learn that a bracket had given way, but they pointed out to me the rear one on the other side and also the middle brackets were about to go as well.

Could you please pass on my appreciation and thanks to Mr. Mark and his team? Not only were they courteous and helpful, but I would use the word ‘professional’ to describe them. ( I’m still trying to figure out how that employee was able to do such a nice weld in a difficult place from an awkward position) It was this great service that made our first trip to Vancouver Island a positive experience.

By the way, my wife and I are now looking for property to build our retirement house somewhere in the Nanaimo vicinity. Our hopes are to be there in 3 to 4 years. By then, we’ll undoubtedly be looking for a new holiday trailer. I know exactly where I’ll be going to make this purchase.


Security & Fleet Manager



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