New Customer Review Part 2 – From Shopper to Owner


We recently welcomed Derek and his family into the Arbutus Family. He shared his experience at the Port Alberni Arbutus RV Location with readers of We are sharing his review with you here, in three parts. This second post covers the most important step of progressing from RV shopper to RV owner.

When we left Derek, he had decided on a truck (2007 Chevy Avalanche) and was considering a new-to-him Coleman Travel Trailer. We continue the story from there…

…this trailer (2014 Coleman Bunkhouse) was at the Nanaimo lot, so Janine and Shawn Lawson (Branch Manager) had it towed to the Port Alberni lot for us. Derek Johnstone for

We extended our deposit to the trailer as well, and drafted a fantastic deal which took my Elantra in on trade and left me with very reasonable payments to move forward on. This is where I got to know Shawn a bit better. Shawn is a good match for management – he is very professional, but at the same time, willing to work to make sure that the customer is happy in moving forward with a purchase. It took a bit of number juggling to make the numbers work with the trade-in and the dual truck-trailer purchase. He came through and helped make it happen in a positive way.

One of the big surprises for me, is that Shawn is great on camera! Check him out in this little introduction to the Coleman trailer I bought:

Helping with the final details of the purchase, was Anita Earthy (Finance Manager). She arranged financing with the bank for me, and presented me with a ton of insurance and protection options. I declined almost all of them, to keep costs down as I do have renovation plans to follow through on as well. For every buyer out there – I just recommend you consider the pros and cons of each option, and go with whatever feels comfortable for you. Thanks Anita, for all of your help in understanding the options! I asked a lot of questions during the financing process and Anita was very friendly as she walked me through the purchase.

We’ll leave you there, with Derek, a novice RV owner who will need as much help as he can get on Delivery Day! Make sure you check back for the third and final instalment of this New Owner Review.

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