New Customer Review, Part 3 – DELIVERY DAY!


We recently welcomed Derek and his family into the Arbutus Family. He shared his experience at the Port Alberni Arbutus RV Location with readers of We are sharing his review with you here, in three parts. This is the third and most exciting part of the RV buying process – Delivery Day!

Once the deal was penned and I was the proud owner of this truck and trailer, I had my first real ‘uh oh’ moment. I had no idea how to maintain or even tow a trailer. Derek Johnstone for

There to help me learn the in and outs of trailer function was Martin. He works in the shop, and took quite a bit of time with me, teaching me everything I needed to know – from how to fire up the furnace to how to empty the toilet. I had a million questions, and he answered them all thoroughly, and with a smile and tons of patience. Making a big purchase like this is never easy for me, and it’s great people, even beyond a great deal, that make it a wonderful experience. Arbutus RV really does seem to have great staff!

Martin teaching me the mechanics behind the equalizer hitch. Photo:

Next up, I was to get a complete lesson in hooking the trailer up with my new equalizer hitch (very worth while! This is an option I went for, and I highly recommend one of these!) Al Herbertson (Driver and Detailer) gave me a lesson hooking up the trailer, and then taught me how to back it up. He coached me through backing it all the way around one of the buildings at the shop. Now he had to have patience! I was very slow and cautious, and although it doesn’t seem like a big deal, backing up a huge trailer for the first time is an intimidating experience. But he taught me well, and I had almost no difficulty backing it into my driveway at home. Phew!

Al – still smiling after teaching me how to back this train up! Photo:

The ride home from Port Alberni to Nanaimo was a bit surreal. I was driving a big truck, with what to me was this insanely long trailer behind me. The truck pulled the trailer over the Alberni hump effortlessly, and I survived the narrow and busy passways through Cathedral Grove, I think without upsetting any other drivers.

There are a lot of great camping experiences ahead, and the spring can’t come fast enough for my family! If you are looking for a great RV purchase experience, that goes well beyond a good deal, consider Arbutus RV and Marine Sales. For me, it really was the staff in Port Alberni that made my experience great.

Thank you all!

There you have it – an excellent and thorough review of the buying process through the experience of a new RV’er! We hope you enjoyed reading Derek’s story and, Derek, we wish you and your family many, many years of making family memories! Arbutus RV & Marine Sales Ltd.


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