The Arbutus Family Album


The Arbutus RV Family is a very large one. Thousands of people, some of whom have been dealing with us for decades, over multi-generations, and others who’ve only just discovered us.

Although we welcome hundreds and hundreds of customers to the Arbutus Family each year, we get to know, and value, each and every one.

This page is our ‘Family Album’…we’ll be adding to it on a regular basis so, make sure you keep coming back to see your friends and neighbours and, maybe even your own, smiling face here.

If you’re looking to join the family, you can check out our current inventory here.

We’re going to begin with Judy, who was so excited that her family were purchasing an RV but, even MORE excited about the Arbutus RV sweatshirt she got to take home.

Welcome to the Arbutus Family, Judy


Cat rescue in Mill Bay! The team didn’t give up and the owner was thrilled to be reunited with her RV-hiding pet.

Arbutus RV’s May Open House BBQs were a BIG success with hundreds of people dropping in for some good old-fashioned Family Fun!




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