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Most of us who enjoy the RV travel lifestyle are looking forward to travelling local and travelling safe this summer, in our RVs.

There are many, though, who haven’t yet discovered the incredible variety of travel options that are open to them when they own an RV. This recent article (from highlights some of the current statics –

More Canadians than ever are considering going RVing this summer. 1 in 3 Canadians said they “never before thought RVing was right for them, but are open to it now. Another 1 in 5 Canadians say they had considered RVing before and are even more open to it now.

Canadians believe RVing is safe, family friendly, and allows them to explore different parts of Canada.

  • 85% believe RVing is family-friendly.
  • 82% believe RVing allows them to get away and explore different parts of the country.
  • 80% believe RVing allows them to get away and find peace and quiet
  • 77% believe RVing is convenient
  • 61% believe RVing is affordable

Most importantly, given the need to distance themselves from others, 78% believe RVing “allows me to distance from other people safely.”

RVing is the least risky vacation option for Canadians this summer.

  • 81% felt flying on an airplane for summer vacation is somewhat risky or too risky (56% thought it is too risky).
  • 80% felt going to a music festival or outdoor concert is risky, including 55% who thought it is too risky.
  • 76% felt going to an amusement park or waterpark is risky, including 49% who thought it is too risky.
  • 68% felt staying at a resort as part of a summer vacation is risky, including 36% who thought it is too risky.
  • 61% felt staying in a hotel or motel as part of a summer vacation is risking, including 29% who thought it is too risky.

RV’ing is for anyone who enjoys multiple vacations in beauty spots that include Oceanfront, Lakeside, Forest, Mountains … NO PASSPORT REQUIRED

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Girl swinging on a rope swing at a beautiful sandy beach during a sunny summer day. Taken in Mystic Beach, near Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

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