Tips for Newbie RVers


Here are some great first-timer tips from the good folks at Jellystone Parks via Arbutus RV!

  1. Select a campground that meets your family’s needs. Talk with your family about what they want to do. If you’re looking for a quiet, serene stay, then a state or national park might be best. If you are worried about hearing “I’m bored” from your kids, then a private campground with a lot of fun amenities and activities, such as those available at Jellystone Park, would be a better fit. Also, talk to other RVers about good places to camp and things to see and do along the way.
  2. Practice driving and backing your RV or trailer before your trip. Remember, these vehicles do not stop on a dime and require a wide turning radius. Empty church or mall lots are great places to become comfortable behind the wheel.
  3. Reserve a pull-through site with a cement pad. This will eliminate backing up and will make setting up and leveling your camper easier. Plus, if it rains, you have a concrete area to step on to, and you won’t need to worry about tracking mud into your nice, new camper.
  4. Get advice from your campground. By knowing more about your family and details about your camper, such as its length and slide-outs, parks can direct you to a campsite and area that best suits your needs. They also may help guide you to your site and offer advice on setting up your RV.
  5. Come prepared with proper electric hook-ups and extension cords. Make sure in advance that your RV is compatible with the campground’s water, sewer and electric services.
  6. Ask for help from your dealer and other campers. It’s a good idea to pick a nearby campground. If any hiccups arise, you are close to home or can reach out to your dealer for advice and service. Once you’re on-site, don’t be afraid to ask other RVers for help. Campers are very social and enjoy lending a hand.
  7. Be patient, especially with the person doing the driving! Tenderfoot campers are bound to make mistakes, but don’t let little problems ruin your first trip. Camping is all about making family memories. Years later you will look back and laugh about the things that didn’t go quite as planned.

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