The Art Of The Campfire

A camping staple, roasted marshmallows over the campire

Building the perfect campfire can be tricky for some, but it’s really quite easy.

The first step, gather your firewood, you’ll need three different types;

  • Tinder: Small twigs and dry leaves.
  • Kindling: Small stickers around 1″ in diameter
  • Fuel: Larger pieces of wood. 

Next, you’ll want to loosely pile a few handfuls of tinder in your firepit, then you’ll add your kindling, structured like a cone, or you can build your kindling like a log cabin.

Now, using a match or a lighter, ignite the tinder. As the fire grows, add more tinder, kindling, and blow on the base of the fire. As the fire grows, add your fuel, the larger pieces of wood.  

Continue to add fuel to keep the fire going. Always keep your campfire under control and never unattended. When you’re ready to leave your site, or turn in for the night, be sure to fully extinguish your campfire.

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