RV Hookups


Exploring Vancouver Island and beyond with an RV gives you almost limitless travel options. Boondocking, (camping without hookups) is a great way to explore, but many people choose to stay at campgrounds where they can hook their RV up and take the strain off their batteries, generator, and holding tanks.


RV Hookups that many campgrounds offer allows you to connect your unit to their existing power, water, and sewer system. Many campgrounds up and down the Island offer full hookups or partial hookups that can keep you with all the comforts of home running your fridge, air conditioner, keep your phone charged and more!

One of the most common types of hookups you can find at most campgrounds is electrical. The type of output usually varies between 20, 30, and 50 amp. The type of output will affect what you can operate in your unit, however, so when booking your site be sure you know your needs and get the appropriate site.

The water hookup will provide your unit with fresh water, and allow you to not worry about using your stored water. Many RVers choose to use a water pressure regulator and water filter on their connection to keep your plumbing running smoothly. it is wise to also keep a specific hose only used for your water connection as this is where your potable water will be coming from. If you’re camping in the colder months you can also purchase a heated hose to ensure your water supply doesn’t freeze!

A sewer hookup is generally part of a “full hookup” site and relieves the anxiety of watching your tanks fill over the course of your visit. Connecting to the sewer hookup is virtually the same as dumping your tanks at a sani-station. It is recommended to only open your tanks when you are dumping however, don’t leave your tanks open as the gasses from the sewer will make their way up the hose and into your unit. When you’re handling the sewer hookup remember to always wear gloves!


You don’t need hookups to enjoy RVing, but they do allow you to bring some of the comforts of home with you on the road! Most provincial campgrounds do not offer any hookups, but often have a sani-station available, full and partial hookup sites and most common in private campgrounds, and we have over 150 of those on the Island!


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