Camping Season Is Here – Get Ready!


Summer’s here, don’t get caught behind, get your RV ready to get out and explore!

Summer Is Here
You can usually feel when the time is right when winter has shown up for the last time, you can begin de-winterizing. It’s pretty simple, you should run fresh water through the system until the water flows clear if you’re using antifreeze. Clean and sanitize the freshwater tank according to the manufacturer’s directions, and then allow the sanitizing solution to flow through your pipes. Make a visual inspection under your unit and beneath sinks for any probable leaks that may have developed throughout the winter, if you spot anything make sure to get it taken care of before you head off on your first trip!

Get Ready To Hit The Road
Throughout the winter, your tires have likely lost some air pressure. Get them up to the proper pressure and inspect your wheels, lug nuts, and tires while you’re down there. You should consider having your wheel bearings packed if you haven’t done it in more than a year. You can either do it yourself or get a professional from Arbutus RV to do it for you.

Make Sure You Have Juice
Don’t forget about your battery, it’s critical to perform a comprehensive battery inspection before your first ride of the season. Make sure your battery is charged and it’s a good time to check the water and electrolyte levels in your battery. If you’re uncertain how to do so there are several how-to videos on YouTube or you can call your neared Arbutus RV!

Engines Need Love Too
If you have a motorized unit, take some time to pop the hood and take a look. Get the oil changed and perform a basic inspection of the other driving components as well as the levels of all fluids, this will give you some peace of mind as you head out this season.

Check Your Seals
If you haven’t checked your seals yet, get out and check for cracks in your seals by performing a thorough visual inspection of them. If you do discover cracks or holes in your caulking, you can perform repairs with the right materials if you have them. If you have access to the roof, look around the air conditioner, skylights, and other obtrusions for signs of intruders. In the end, go into your unit and run your hands along the walls and ceilings to look for any soft places that could indicate leaking. Consider scheduling a re-seal with Arbutus RV if you are not comfortable on your roof or are unfamiliar with the caulking process.

Fire Up Your Appliances
You don’t want to be the person that shows up at the campsite just to find out that one of your appliances has decided to retire over the winter! You should give each of them a trial run before you start on your very first excursion. Make careful you reopen the valve to the water heater if it was bypassed during the winterizing process. This will allow water to fill the heater before it is turned on. Make sure your fridge is clean and operating properly. It’s always best to give yourself some time in case any of your appliances need to be serviced!

Slide Maintenance
If your unit is equipped with slides, you’ll need to inspect them, clean them, and lubricated them regularly. The sliding seals are the components that shield the inside from the outside environment, check for cracks and fill them with a lubricant your manufacturer recommends to keep them from expanding. Following that, if you have hydraulic slide mechanisms, you should physically verify them and make sure the fluid levels are correct. If you’re unsure always err on the side of caution and reach out to your local service department for assistance!


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